Forestry is a major industry in Canada, contributing over $23 billion to the economy in 2010. In the same year, over 190,000 people were directly employed by the forestry industry, contributing 1.3 percent of total employment and $8.8 billion in wages in 2009.


OTCL Group was established in 1990 in Canada to trade commodities. Trading is a profession that has been pioneered by humankind in the early ages. This puts us in a heritage industry that is thousands of years old, so naturally the standards and capabilities of the industry have already been set high. This begs the question: why did the founders of OTCL pick this industry to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams? The answer is simple - to make it better.

Since 1990, we have come a long way. Today, OTCL has evolved into an international trading company that distributes and delivers commodities to fulfill the needs of emerging markets. OTCL has been built with a lot of passion and long-term vision from its founders. And we have built it to last with a unique approach.

The products we primarily trade include paper and other forestry products such as pulp and timber. The choice of the primary commodity we trade has not been arbitrary or mere coincidence. We have carefully chosen to focus on paper because we believe that paper fuels the aspirations of an economy. Businesses are established on paper. Governments are run on paper. Banks create currency on paper. Students acquire an education on paper. Books are written on paper. Ideas are shared on paper. Millions of people rely on print media, made possible by paper, to stay updated on a nation's affairs. The world's economies rely on paper to function.

The secondary commodities we trade include essential goods such as pulses, grains, fertilizers and a few other agricultural products. We have strong relationships with high quality suppliers of these products.

Over the last few decades, our team has accumulated a wealth of experience in commodities trading. We believe that this equips us with the expertise to provide strategic assistance to other players in the industry - no matter how small or big. As a result of this belief, we have extended our service offerings to include general strategy and logistics consulting to further help our efforts in continuing the growth of this industry.